andy i love you

Churchill: Taken From

The Diaries of Lord Moran,

pg. 386 — “We had hardly

taken our seats when the

P.M. said without warning:

‘What other nation in history,

when it became supremely powerful,

has had no thoughts of territorial

aggrandizement, no ambition but to

use its resources for the good of

the world? I marvel at America’s

altruism, her sublime


All at once I realized Winston

was in tears, his eyes were red,

his voice faltered. He was deeply

moved. Sulzberger broke the silence.”


andy i love you

i’m flying the flag

for the first time since

i flew it upside down on

my bedroom wall and slept

with it for years at my head

in this one i’m the odd duck

i had a rock fight kids of

seven nations against ten

arab kids in the desert in

dhahran got a bloody head and

then we made up

the bloody-headed leader gave

me a slice of fruit i’ve still

never seen again and

then we hung out

the british kids though

torture us

told me that usa sucked

they snarled and bullied and

they were big they said:

“we let you win and we could

take it back anytime ya

bleedin’ little poof.”

and they tried

i have pictures stored in me

from my life that say:

fifty one percent are pretty

good though they eat the flesh

of screaming slaughtered animals

torturing their young for taste

mmmmmmmmmmmm smack “can’t not do it!”

and fourty nine percent are pretty

bad including the flesh eaters and the

also the terribly bad-informed

and dominators of women children

and animals (“but he likes it! See?”)

So I Vote

‘n I found out that I loved

ol’ Bill Clinton

n’ Al too thought I’d never

see anything like them in my lifetime

by god they made the hard right froth

at the mouth and that oughta get

you good credit right there with me

Now Reagan rot and be damned

Bush overthrew America already

and i now believe

that I intend to take

back the American Flag

in the holy name

of Abbie Hoffman

for the goodies and the trulys

the shabbies and the the

reasonably well-informed

guitar-pickin’ pot smokin’

van-dwellers of the world

embrace and make peace with

my arabic brothers

and smash the living

hell out of the

bloody beastial british

who stabbed our boys in the

back at the Battle of

New York and had

their way with the helpless

women and children

i swear to god they

will be avenged with my blood

i shall make a flag from it

and fly it over the ashes

of London Town.

This is my dream.

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