a tin of anchovies

it is akin to love
this life
i saddle down
to ride gautama
into the nothing night
i wish you all the
best my lovers
all those
whom i have known
a speck of love
is greater than
a nuclear explosion
say goodbye to
the twisted need
to stumble down
dark alleys
let the lizard
crawl out of
the basement
drink of the myriad marsh
the sapling and the sup
the welcome breast
of the great mother
here and opening up
we were meant
to poke thru the
satin silence of our
chitinous insect cloth
i wish to you my lovers
a satyr on a toadstool
rewriting history
in a new language
they are saying
“wonderful my
today daughter
a wonderful”
i wonder i am
swimming through
leela and malti
w/out even knowing it
back to the babbling
of infancy
tasting its brook
and greeting her
in the misty
raiments of morning?

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