andy let’s go sit

andropolopolous let’s sit

here in the comfortable chairs

the best seats in our little theater

here in the center of space

the light-year lens is sharp and ready

planet speakers in deciphonic

we smoke

and drink beers whilst sending the lens

to view

anything anywhere at anytime

we’ll have much uproarity

visiting quasars and thunder nebulae

watching the others on their worlds

finding out what really happened

to abbie hoffman

and we smoke.  galactic purple.  no one.  hey.  hey.  listen to that.  hey. can you hear that?  hey.

and drink beers whilst sending lensy

to record for posterity

all that has ever been

and the beginning in full reality-o

pick moments from our lives and reveal

the high dark-and-light paths and the

joy-despair the nuanced bits of sweet life

we’ll trade wild trips through the All-One

like we trade poems

and we smoke. 

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