Re: Joslin

running up that hill


it’s just pure love

i want to hold

the last remaining years

the few existing months

the one or two precious days

of childhood in our house

the cubbies still poised

on the edge of yesterday

still packed with so much

infancy so many years

of toddler’s accumulation

and the riddled ownings

of the child

malti and leela

lilly and malts

they are there

on the shelves rummaging

through a box of crayons

scrawling eternitywise

mindless masterpiece

paintings & playing

chugawagachuchu on

genya’s yellow-brown

record player

i can still feel

the vibration of a

severely mangled slinky

rolling out upon the pile

of lincoln logs by way of a

littlest playhouse dog in

bladdered embrace with

the plastic glass full of

watercolor paint brushes

in desperation i rope it off

this one little corner of

the golden garden crying

“you can’t take it away

these are my daughters

my children my babies

if you take their things away

then you take them too”

if they must go

then at least let me

keep their toys

and their horses

and their epidemic of dogs

and a thousand and one

things that beautyed

the landscape of

our young family

and if you must take

their things smeared

with fingerprints so small

then at least let me have

my memory of it all

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