Excerpted from Bean

(hot vicious beastie breath

snacking on my backoneck hairs

i gotta run faster)

here we are on the earthface

smooth and rumpled

slick and smelling of meteors

too many vents to the core

too many towers of demonsmoke

i danced on the pants table at target

i got the cheers for the weird

i got thrown out by security

even though i showed my license

which says i’m fourty one

and damned well permitted to dance

on the pants table at target

stuck to the hot tarmac

i whispered to winston churchill:

my father is josef goebbels

i was the child who survived

i bear the guilt and revenge together

i will be the better man

winston smacked down a brandy

whuffed a herd of potsmoke

and glaring down at me with red eyes

of the man who saved the world and said:

get up off the bloody ground

and get right back at it

now is not the time to dance on the table

first you must defeat the hun in you

then you must defeat the hun without you

then you must dance on the table

roll in the flowers my boy

sing strange hymns of the visitors

hug a cow hug a pig hug a chicken

and then strike with forknowledge

and full intent to remove yourself

from your line

you will be the one born of no-one

the mobius person the human event horizon

and far odder than i

(he smacked more brandy)

although i must say he said

there was the afternoon

at brighton

i did not dance on the pants table

but on the pantry

in the kitchen

of general ismay

and was cheered by all

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