revenge of the megiddo boys

i got nothin’

balloon blister

mailroom maltese

on the veranda

with a glass of wine

we smote history

with dripping hot fangs

blood love they call it

valleys of stupor

rains too heavy to

work the fields

let’s fight

you take vishnu

i’ll take shiva

and we’ll roll that

wheel of samsara

heavy weight to the sun

a sea of toadstools

magic mirror

swaying in the

cyprean breezes

a thousand years ago

me and my love

soulmates twitching

we crashed on

lucifer’s hammock

slicing sunbeams

with razor sharp vision

the world is delusion

go and fetch me water


and a thousand willed

and a thousand killed

wifes kids and dogs dead

lurching home with

grief struck eyes

where is my water


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