planet of the apes

A Concrete Dick Cheney Head Sixteen Hundred Feet High
a simian and stern stone john ashcroft with anointing hand pointing to jerusalem
leading the christian soldiers off to the conflict foretold in his little black Book
The Elder Dwarf Karl, still alive, scurries down long dark hallways
filled with the pure dread of the unethical and soon dead
For The Mighty Leader Not Has Now Led Them To The End
‘if we don’t finish it off, they will,’ said many little irritable voices
‘do you want them to have it all, all of these luscious riches?’
‘of course not, you don’t have to answer, we know what you would say.’
the belching underground furnaces breeding poisons and the strange blue light
spread like a festering rash on the whole land under a darkening sky
once kind faces have become drawn and furtive innocence turned to sly craft
everyone drawn like protesting herded test monkeys into the too-hot shallow future
soon to lay gasping in the thick brine under the strange electrical sun
deep dark coal hollows the only frontier ah, what we used to be
Mighty Leader Not spits and spins and gyrates and the Sleeping move with him
everyone do the Shake off the Space Cliff down down down down
Loud Angry Voices Shout Down The Better Informed And Not Insane
Precision Sleeping Teams Strike At The Heart Of Balance Fuck That Shit Anyway
They Destroyed The United States Of America For Power
Do You Really Think They Will Just Give It All Back Because You Vote Them To?

BLUE SURF beats up on the HEAD buried in the SAND
CHARLTON HESTON rides up on HORSE with SILENT WOMAN behind him
don’t say a fucking word, you asshole
you were one of those hopping proud gorillas
screaming for the blood of the Earth
while the orangutans and chimpanzees
shuffled around and let you work at it

all you little minions of fear and dull reason
damn you

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