waz say, happy man

the goal is in the geezer

happy man

you so tired a curve balls

and gettin’ thrown to the lions

talkin’ ’bout the lions

in the street and roaming

hear them roar

over the sound of hello

copters hell with copters

and cajoling idiot children

frozen in the night

eyes peeled like potatoes

and tongues depressed

to the metal

stuck fast to rusty ole car parts

“this is your toyota dealer

how may i help you?”

the last time

i kissed a grease monkey

i got a case a

tonka toy defects

straight from the ole factory

so you think yer cool

cause you got a beard

and a buggy and

a field full of corn?

south’s gonna do it again

corn, beans, squash

three sundried sisters

missed the bus to the

new planet–

vision quest

and the fortune

five hundred

sundry souls and

refried sisters

titty twisters and

spaghetti westerns

soaring jesters

with sad faces

cheer ‘em up

happy man

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