imminent plunge

if they took my handprint

they would see i’m a wanted man

eyes of the underground

hands of the dark artist

breathing normally and dressed

like fred i waltz past security

with my ceramic uzi

six clips of paint cartridges

a half a load of laughing gas bombs

everybody must get stoned

the virus i loosed writes in DNA

does nothing but makes you really

happy satisfied with life and a

permanent lefty

i is the changer of gears

i roll the jelly man down the aisle

i sell the souls of right-wingers to

the devil steal ‘em back and stick ‘em

in the washing machines they come

out permanent lefties

working on a gas to make you forget

your religion

we gonna flood the gaza with don’t member

why i held this explosive device let’s get

drunk and paint the mosque purple rainbow

taliban’s a funny word let’s go flying

we got a machine makes food from dirt and

makes itself from rusty old car parts

starting to replicate and throw itself around the

heart of darkness

we got little beepers that tell us whether

you’ve been bad or good

so be good

or we gonna make you care

and be a permanent lefty

happy all day long

all the way to the new planet

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