homino breakfast

i sing in the hole deep down

where the other voices can not reach

down cool and dark with the other machines

singing deep down

sweet helluva thing harmony in critical mass

boring holes in the foam deep down

i swear we make the center sing along

i feel earth now

i wave to you from holly in now

i never belonged to a god

i wave from the graveyard shift parking lot attendant

i am aware we sparkle

wild sing in the hole deep down

the coffee and sugar and smoke in the dark

down rocking my machines to sand

pulling ghost from the rock

sweet sweet dixieland blue psychedelly

hunt the little moments in the stream

earthie takes all of your bad dreams

earthie earth the earth

i wave to you from harold now

i am in the blue VW

i wave from the man who spins

i know we are all just fine

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