why wait?

why wait

western man

you can grok it now

the cheese and the ants

and the love

awaken from the spirit sleep

be wide awake for violence

for the crashing on rocks

be good enough and strong enough

to die with the open eye


it came dancing out of the darkness

a sound so terrifyingly familiar

not from the night

but from the darkness of my soul

an old dire straits tune, 1979

walkin’ on the wild west end

like a ping pong ball

in an isolation tank


why can the newborn accept death

in the flicker of a candle

while we spend a lifetime grooming

our fear?


i wanna swim in your aura

and sink in your smile

as deep as the mysteries

beside the nile

we met for an instant

and then you were gone

but as short as the moment

the memories were long


romping through the countryside

youth wears a coat and hides inside

forgetting to see its glory

the coat gets old and through the tatters

long-gone youth can see what matters

the end of an unread story


we played vinyl in springtime

and raged until dawn

sisters and brothers

& friends and lovers

what did it mean

such a joyous scene

now the dawn

has turned to night?

we had so much

but didn’t know it

the whole of the world

was our philosopher’s stone

we painted great murals

on wide walls

and shrunk the worlds

to little balls

with the alchemy of poetry

and the serendipity of song

we were forever

young and strong

we walked on ceilings

climbed through floors

before we knew

it couldn’t be done

we had landed on

the other side of a dream

now we walk the long road back

some bedraggled

and left on the shoulder

the rest trudge on

getting older

still searching for the crack

in the cosmic egg

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