Surface Tension

Stepping heavy
Capsized and sunk

Gone down with my sad and saily ship

Stepping lightly
And walked on water
Skirting all my careful edges

The radius of heart
Just pi in the sky

The dimensions of mind
A calculus of betrayal
An algebra of war and retribution
Or forgiveness

I float on the circumference
Arms flung out in a spinning skate
Arms retracting
Faster, faster
Seeking inward
Falling outward

Keeping balance against the center
Harmonic convergence
Following the demonic angle of certainty
To final equilibrium
At the center

But I see a spherical bear in simple motion
He beckons with a nod
And we balance pencils on their sharpy tips

Falling away in random trajectory
Refusing to accept the zero-sum game
And straining to hear the Big Note

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