cathode ray

street spider glance from the
regular features of cathode ray
he sat out there and spun the story
he made worlds for all
when there became nothing left
can’t describe the sweetness to
the make believe twelth century
history and hollywood
sex, lies and the digital mamba
make love to your mother
or kill a room of strangers
for a smaller price than real sunlit crisis
grief and loss for benchmarking
the super-flying dreamy coaster of
what you really
cathode ray the smiler man
hand of the man throws light like a god
all my friends go to him
i’m not touching it man i tell you
but then he said:
in this new universe the ray says
you make it, man
you show yourself once
and the machine will
play you like a dark violin
you will know the crazy love
nerves soothed and roused
tingle ’til your feet tremble
cathode tossed me the little silver ball
check it out dude
and here i am
oh yeah

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