lurching into paradise
with a bottle of earth
fire tonic to buffalo brain
and scramble pie city
out to buy pajamas
always first thing
in the morning
if i were to meet
john steinbeck
i¹d ask him how
to package all
my bad dreams
in a cute little reader
and like a la honda hippie
with one foot rooted
like a redwood and his head
in a barrel of electric
punch and flashback to
the party of Œ64
i met kesey that night
and allen ginsberg
singing with the clash
and it was horrible
like art chuck out the
window wagon chuck
and chuck the wagon
on the ashpile of
western civilization
debase the best
within you or embrace
the mischief of gurdjieff
and john lilly or
aldous and william
and their crew of
window decked and
two freaks in a
isolation tank
flipping on soma
and lysergic acid
and shot outa hell
like a cannonball
hail the man
of a thousand
stories i take up
the cudgel and
salute you xerxes..!!!..!!!…
hangs out bleak
but desperate
just dark shadow
and with power

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